Digital Event – Global Ceremony of Light

From Sunset to Sunrise: A Global Ceremony of Light – Celebrating the Dawning of a New Era

From sunset to sunrise on New Year’s Eve, people of the world will come together in ceremony to focus our collective intent to manifest the best timeline to welcome the Age of Enlightenment by visualizing and anchoring the light here, on earth.

“It is in our darkest hour that we need to hold the light. The power of mind to not give up, to hold on to hope, to restore faith when all seems lost. Our true character is determined in the darkest hour, we hold on and keep fighting when many have given up.

What matters most is that we have the courage to dream of a better future. It is always when we are at our lowest point, when we are just about to give in, that the miracle happens.

So hold on, we are nearly there.”

This is a call for people in all Nations as we light a fire to stand up for and with the Mother Earth and her People. Indigenous Elders from around the globe, will honor the Earth in their homes that day, so that no matter where they are, a sacred fire will be lit to bring in the new year from dusk on Dec. 31, to dawn on Jan. 1, 2021, through music, readings and blessings from around the world.

Watch Livestream launch

From 3pm (CET) on December 31st, 2020
to 8am (CET) on January 1st, 2021.

A magical multi-dimensional event featuring valuable
contributions from the communities and Peoples of Earth.

Everyone is welcome to participate with guest contributions from communities across the planet, checking in to this global broadcast.

Live event and Sacred Fire Ceremony on Mt. Gesunda, Sweden
& locations from East to West across the planet as we step into the new year.